Over 50 years of veterinary experience

We offer quality and up to date veterinary care in a well equipped clinic
with modern equipment and a wide range of diagnostic options.

We offer

  • A well trained team that has your pets’ wellbeing as our first priority
  • All the routine services such as vaccinations, health checks, geriatric checks, worm and flea treatments, dietary advice and de-sexing
  • A comprehensive range of both diagnostic tools (including in-clinic blood testing, x-ray, ultrasound) and treatment options including surgery, dentistry and medical expertise
  • Experience with a wide range of small companion animals including cats, dogs, birds and pocket pets (rats, guinea pigs and rabbits)

Our Clinic

Our modern clinic is well equipped to serve your pets’ needs. We have a range of diagnostic equipment as well as intravenous fluid pumps, blood pressure monitoring, ECG machine and pulse oximetry to enable us to diagnose and treat your pets’ medical conditions. We have a comprehensive pharmacy and have access to a wide range of treatment options for your animals if required.

We are also fortunate to have a team of dedicated, caring, compassionate and trained nurses who are driven to provide the best care for your pets if they are required to stay in hospital.

Our Services

Tile Health checks and vaccinations

Health Checks & Vaccinations

Whether your pet is sick or requires a vaccination or health check, we offer comprehensive and thorough examinations for pets of all ages.
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Tile Kidney ultrasound - diagnostics test heading pic_

Diagnostic Tests

We have a wide range of diagnostic equipment and expertise available in-clinic to both help with diagnosing your pets’ illness as well as for use in routine wellness screening. This include blood, urine and tissue test facilities as well as imaging in the form of X-rays and Ultrasound and also electrocardiography. Read on …


Medical & Emergency Treatment

When the unforeseen occurs such as an illness or emergency, we are equipped, trained and experienced to deal with a wide range of illness, injury and problems your pets might face.
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Tile Surgery treatment

Surgical Treatment & Anaesthesia

We are well equipped to carry out a wide range of operations including routine procedures such as de-sexing to more complicated surgeries including orthopaedic and abdominal surgery. We also employ modern anaesthetic techniques and drugs to enable these procedures to be done safely. Read on …

Tile Dentistry


The clinic is equipped to carry out routine dental cleans as well as dental interventions such as extractions. We also offer advise on oral health care and how to keep your pet’s beautiful smile shining. Read on …

Tile Puppy school

Puppy School

We believe that socialisation is an integral aspect of bringing up a puppy. We offer puppy school with Vicky, which is held here at the clinic on a regular basis. Puppy school consists of four weekly classes that not only teach puppies to play and interact with other puppies but also teach basic behaviour and training skills. Please contact us to enquire on when the next class will start!


Specialist Referrals

There are now vets trained in specific specialist fields just like human doctors. Check here to for links to a few places we routinely refer patients to. Read on…

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