Health Checks & Vaccinations

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Whether your pet is sick or requires a vaccination or health check,
we offer comprehensive and thorough examinations for pets of all ages.


Our pets are living much longer these days and this is partly a result of better veterinary health care but also because of the early detection of disease so routine health checks are vitally important for our furry friends.

Just like in humans, there are different life stages from juvenile to adults to geriatric animals. All these life stages carry different requirements and needs and we understand and are able to cater for these needs. Wellness exams are important for early detection of diseases, which make treatment much easier.

We provide routine vaccinations, microchip placements, spey and neutering surgery as well as dental checks and treatments. All vaccinations include a thorough health check examining all parts of your pet physically as well as discussing facets of their lifestyle such as diet, exercise, flea and worm control. We also try to address any concerns you might have had regarding your pets health during the exam.

We also provide sick animal consultations as well as routine health checks. It can be a stressful time when your loved pet is sick and our vets are thorough and well trained to enable correct diagnosis of your pets ailments.

A house call service is available at certain times as we understand that a vet clinic can be a stressful place for some of your pets. This service is only available for certain situations so please contact the clinic for further information.

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