Medical & Emergency Treatment

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Bruce and Ee bring over 50 years of combined veterinary experience when it comes to looking after your pets. They also strive to keep up to date with the latest treatment options and techniques by routinely attending conferences and seminars.

The clinic is well equipped with intravenous fluid pumps, blood pressure monitoring, ECG machine and pulse oximetry to enable us to treat your pets’ medical conditions as well as deal with those unforseen emergencies such as traumatic accidents and medical crises.

We have a comprehensive pharmacy and have access to a wide range of treatment options for your animals if required including blood products such as whole blood and fresh frozen plasma and emergency drugs to be able to look after critically ill cases.

We are also fortunate to have a team of dedicated, caring, compassionate and well trained nurses who are driven to provide the best care for your pets if they are required to stay in hospital. Our nurses, like our vets, actively participate in continuing education to ensure we offer your pet the best care available.

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